Wheels of Hope provides transportation and hope to citizens of the Athens Region that are visually impaired or no longer drive because of age or health issues.


How It Works

The Wheels of Hope program is intended for residents in Athens-Clarke and surrounding counties who do not have the ability to drive due to age, illness, or disability. As a ride sharing program, our network of volunteers provide the rides on an as-needed basis.

The ride fee is affordable, with a $20 fare cap. Members of the program will have an established account and never have to worry about exchanging money with the drivers.

The drivers are committed to stay with the rider for the duration of the trip, so riders don’t have to worry about being dropped off. We provide “door thru door” service and stay with our clients during their appointments or help them with their errands.


“It’s not the ride, it’s who’s by your side.”

— Jamaica Miller, FOUNDER


How to apply for the program.

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Our Purpose

Provide transportation and Hope to citizens of the Athens region that otherwise would be denied access to the community. These services will be provided for individuals that are visually impaired, or no longer drive because of age or health issues.



people in Georgia lack the ability to drive due to visual impairments.


of Georgia residents experience a disability which prevents them from driving.


of medical appointment cancellations are due to lack of transportation.

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Get Involved

We are accepting applications for volunteers to be our drivers or to help in any way they can.

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