A profile shot of Jamaica Miller, Founder of Wheels of Hope.

Jamaica Miller


Jamaica Miller has guided this operation from day one. Her vision and inspiration have been critical to our success so far.

Joe James with a beard and hair, wearing a collared shirt and blazer.

Joe James


After a 35 year career in real estate, Joe James has turned his attention toward non-profit work. His connections within the real estate industry allowed him to bring in Realtors as the source of our volunteer driver network.

Picture of Coral Rogers, Executive Director

Coral Rogers

Executive Director

Coral has a Master’s degree from the Nonprofit Management and Leadership program at UGA. As an intern, she helped Joe and Jamaica get Wheels of Hope started as a nonprofit. She is excited to see their dream become a success and looks forward to growing Wheels of Hope into a nationally-acclaimed nonprofit organization.

A placeholder image outline of a head and body

Diane Wahlers




Other board members include Bill Taylor, Volunteer Coordinator, Rebecca Miller, Technology Consultant, Lillian Haas, Fundraising, and Marlene Koncewicz, Secretary.