Follow these few easy steps to start using our services.




First, please fill out the application to become eligible for the program. Return the application by either email or print and mail it to our offices. Click here to download the application in PDF form.



Set up your membership account. Each member of the program will have an account with a starting balance. Each time the member utilizes the services, the fees will be automatically deducted from the account. This eliminates the need for the rider to exchange money with the driver. Each member is required to initialize their account with $50.00. Each month the member will receive a statement showing their rides and costs for the month. The member will then replenish their account at the beginning of each month.



When you need to use the services, call us to set up the ride. We will pair you with a driver and schedule the ride for you. You must schedule the ride at least 48 hours prior to the pick-up time.


We keep the fares low with our all-volunteer network of drivers. The fee schedule, governed by the “Affordable Car Act”, is as follows:

$4 for pickup and $4 for return with $1 per mile.

The ride cost is capped at $20 for the entire service. The driver will stay with you as needed throughout the trip. This means the driver is committed to be with you for the entire round trip.

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